Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Three Girls...

It's been nice to just be home for awhile! We didn't do too much this past weekend, and it was great! We had some friends move to Abilene (actually right down the street from us!), and were able to watch their boys for awhile on Saturday while they got some unpacking done. It was fun having little boys in the house for a few hours!
Since there is not many activities to write about, I thought I would catch up on the girls and what they are saying/doing these days.

KaItLyN :

She starts First Grade on the 24th. Crazy! She has stayed pretty busy this summer, which has been good. She loves her friends and wants to invite someone over every single day. She is still a little smarty pants and surprises me every day with the things that she says that just seem too old for a 6 year old to be saying. I love spending time with just her. I know she craves my attention a lot because during the day most of time is focused on Cora and Claire. So, she and I go on bike rides in the evenings a couple times a week. We love riding our bikes around campus, or to Cajun Cones for a yummy treat. I love doing this with her and hope she grows up to have good memories of it. I took her to the Drive-In movie the other night and she seemed to really enjoy that. (Even though my car battery died and we couldn't hear the movie as well. Not one of my finer moments) Let's see...some other things she has been into lately:

She loves infomercials. The other day she ran into the living room and said, "MOM! Did you know that for only $19.95 and a snap of your fingers your car and your house can be sparkly clean?!"

She is constantly on the look-out for homeless people, or people in need on the streets. We have given food to a handful of them, but she's never satisfied with just this. She always asks if they can come home with us and spend the night.
When she grows up and becomes a Mom, she wants to name her daughter Madelyn Jane and her son Jonathan Root. You read that right, Root. I have no idea where she got either one of these names.
She used to HATE brushing her teeth, but I bought her an electric toothbrush and now she brushes them like 4 times a day.
She has started wanting to read books by herself, which I am LOVING! She is really into Junie B. Jones right now. I have found her sitting on her closet floor just reading away.
She wants to take Hip Hop dance lessons. James and I have vetoed this for now.
She knows every word to every song and every artist who sings it on Radio Disney. She also loves her Praise music at night.

CoRa :

I am loving the stage Cora is in right now. She is talking so much and her little personality is just so sweet. We have almost mastered potty training, so she should be good to go by the time school starts in a couple of weeks. She has become quite the swimmer this summer! We just strap her arm floaties on and she is off! She will jump off diving boards, so down slides, and can hold her breath for such a long time! She watched Kaitlyn in swim lessons and really picked stuff up I think. She loves her sisters. She has a very "nurturing" side of her. If either one of them are crying or upset, she is quick to comfort.
She has the BIGGEST country accent. It completely cracks me up. My favorite thing that she says is "I THANK!" If you ask her a question, she just thinks about it for a second and says, "I thank!"
If I am having to get on to her for any reason (which doesn't happen often), she will respond with, "Don't worry 'bout me" or "Don't get me in trouble!"
The other day I just picked her up and gave her a big hug, squeezed her real tight and said, "OH, I just LOOOOOOOVE you Cora!" This was the rest of the conversation:
Cora: (looking at me with a little smirk) "Are you gonna buy me somethin'?"
Me: (laughing) "What?"
Cora: "Are you gonna buy me somethin'?"
Me: "Well, what do you want me to buy you?"
Cora: "Chicken."
Cora loves chicken and would eat it for every single meal.
She refuses to drink milk of any flavor and gets her share of dairy from yogurt and cheese.
She stays with me so well when we are out shopping or going places. But she does love to occasionally hide in the racks of clothes.
She is not a big TV watcher.
She's almost completely potty trained!

She loves getting dressed up for church and going to Bible class. She looks forward to it every week. She also makes sure that we remember to pray before every meal.
She still loves her lip gloss and has to have it for nap time and bedtime. She just rubs it on her lips until she falls asleep. It's like her pacifier. She also likes to sleep with her flip flops. Preferably on her feet, but she'll hold them too.
I love listening to her sing. She has the sweetest little voice.


Claire requires the most attention these days. She gets into all sorts of trouble. She is an expert climber and explorer. This is where we recently found her - just to give you an example:

She is VERY into music. She loves to dance and sing (or hum) along to songs that she hears. My favorite thing she does is play her harmonica. I tried to upload a video, but I couldn't get it to work. She is SO good at playing her blue harmonica. She even dances along with it. It's hilarious. One sweet story - Claire was born with a little heart murmur. She's had a couple of Echo cardiograms and everything is fine, but the doctor ALWAYS comments about it when they listen to her heart. We recently switched doctors, and the first time the new Pediatrician listened to it she said, " I do hear her little murmur, but it's totally benign. In medical school we were told it is called a MUSICAL HEARTBEAT." How cool is that?! I got a little teary eyed when she said that.
She loves her big sisters, but can definitely hold her own with them and let them know when they are making her mad.
She's figured out how to get out of her crib. Makes going to bed a little bit harder. I'm refusing to believe she is old enough for a big girl bed. She's my last baby!! I can't imagine a day with no more cribs!

She hates her car seat. It's pretty much a struggle every time.
Here are some of the things that she says:
"See-um" (Sam, the puppy)
"Gane?" (when she wants to play her GAME on my iphone)
"Nouse" - (her minnie mouse that she sleeps with)
Anytime you call her name, she responds with, "What." It's hard to describe what it sounds like, but it's pretty cute.
She loves to swing outside. She could do it for hours, I'm sure.
Being the baby, she has mastered the words, "Don't", "No", and "Mine."
I could kiss her sweet cheeks all day long!!!!

My mom asked me one time how I could stand all the sweetness of my three girls. I just love and kiss on them all the time. I don't know how I stand it. I just do! I am blessed beyond measure.