Saturday, July 28, 2007

100 Things

Thanks, Kat for this amazing tag. I don't like getting tagged because if I don't do it I feel like there is something on my To Do list that is not getting checked off. So, I forced myself to think of 100 things about myself. Feel free to skim or skip this post if you so wish.

1. I was born in Ft. Worth

2. I moved to Lubbock when I was 3 years old.

3. I have a birth mark that looks like a cluster of freckles on my right calf.

4. I have never broken a bone.

5. Or had stitches.

6. I would love to go bungee jumping.

7. Or sky diving.

8. I was scared of E.T. until I was....

9. I'm still scared of E.T.

10. I've bit my fingernails my entire life.

11. Now Kaitlyn picks at hers.

12. I have a tattoo on my right ankle.

13. I used to have my belly button pierced.

14. I've never had braces.

15. But I wore an awesome head gear that made me look like an umpire.

16. I pop my knuckles all the time.

17. I love going to the movies.

18. I played the mean witch in Snow White in an Elementary school play.

19. I'm not too much of a morning person.

20. I've been to 7 countries in Southeast Asia.

21. I have never liked having a summer birthday because I couldn't celebrate it at school.

22. Looking at greeting cards in the store always makes me have to, umm.... use the facilities.

23. I love to color.

24. I am writing down all 100 of these on a sheet of paper before I blog it.

25. I love Hollywood gossip.

26. When I change lanes in the car, I get really mad if my tires hit the bumpy lane separator things.

27. I hit the unlock button button on my key chain probably 4-5 times when I unlock my car. I can't just click it once.

28. I rarely floss my teeth.

29. I love listening to Kaitlyn's Hannah Montana CD.

30. I'm really ready for Fall so my TV shows will be back on.

31. I worked at TCBY my freshman year at ACU.

32. I gained way more than the "Freshman 15."

33. I have my own razors, but I almost always use James'.

34. This has been the cause for many arguments.

35. I really want to move. (But stay in Abilene)

36. My feet shrunk an entire size after I had Kaitlyn.

37. I get Restless Leg Syndrome really bad with pregnancy.

38. I love to read and wish I had more time for it.

39. I HATE doing laundry.

40. I HATE folding clothes.

41. I HATE putting clothes away.

42. If I could afford to pay someone to do this for me, I would in a heartbeat.

43. I get fever blisters easily.

44. I love watching bloopers.

45. I'm not good at saving money.

46. I don't like to shop for clothes for myself.

47. I have always slept on the right side of the bed.

48. I sleep with one leg out of the covers.

49. I have huge hands.

50. I can palm a guys basketball.

51. I love to take pictures and put them on my computer.

52. But I'm very bad at getting them developed regularly.

53. My favorite food is Italian.

54. I buy a different kind of shampoo/conditioner every time I run out.

55. I buy them based on how they smell.

56. I take really hot showers - until the end when I rinse my hair out, I turn the water to cold. It's a really refreshing way to end.

57. When I was little I used to wish I would break my leg so that I could be on crutches.

58. I love to stay in hotels.

59. My brother just got his haircut by the same lady that cuts Tony Romo's hair. Tony visits a Sports Clips regularly.

60. I used to tease my brother and tell him that his hair smelled like bacon and eggs.

61. James and I were on our honeymoon over September 11, 2001.

62. We got married on 9-8-01 because that is when Mark McGwire hit his 62nd home run.

63. I have never voted for President - or any public office for that matter.

64. I love to play games.

65. I don't like to separate colors when I wash clothes.

66. I love the smell of gasoline and Sharpie markers.

67. I can type 88 words per minute.

68. I have to buy a new gift bag every time I buy a gift for someone, even though I have a closet full of them.

69. I was a Siggie.

70. I love to watch figure skating and gymnastics on TV.

71. I drive faster than James.

72. I can beat James at any sport except for soccer.

73. Sometimes I count my steps. I get really annoyed with myself when I do this, but I can't help it.

74. I love Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

75. I remember getting the Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" single cassette in my stocking for Christmas.

76. I think that was the same year my brother got the MC Hammer "You can't Touch This" single.

77. I have a really dark freckle under my left eye that my mom thought was dirt when I was little. Apparently she scrubbed it really hard in the bathtub before making this realization.

78. My Dad baptized me on my 13th birthday.

79. I had a surprise party afterward.

80. I've always wanted to be hypnotized.

81. My handwriting always changes.

82. I love to scratch my back with my brush.

83. I also love to scratch the back of my knees with my brush.

84. After I shave my legs, I scratch my legs with the opposite site of the razor.

85. I think I am especially weird after reading the previous 3 things I wrote.

86. We had a ghost in our house in McKinney, and I'm pretty sure it followed us here. Email me if you want the details on that.

87. I truly think me and Jennifer Garner could be BFF.

88. I have to eat Sour Patch Kids anytime I go to the movies.

89. I love to write in journals.

90. I'm not good at loading the dishwasher. James is the master at this.

91. In 7th grade my dad sent me balloons to school on Valentines Day. This mean boy named Nick popped all of them with his pen at the bus stop.

92. I give him a hard time a lot, but I love watching James as a Daddy.

93. I love to watch people at the mall or at airports.

94. I love blow drying Kaitlyn's hair. It's really relaxing for some reason.

95. I can't stand talk radio - unless it's Kidd Kraddick.

96. If I could live in any other state besides TX it would be Tennessee.

97. I doodle pretty much anytime I'm on the phone. I almost always draw triangles, squares and circles.

98. I don't like to dance. But I love watching other people dance.

99. I'm obsessed with picking boogers out of Cora's nose.

100. James just challenged me to think of 100 things about him.

I tag whoever wants to take an hour or so out of their day to think of 100 things about themselves. Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This and That.....

So, this is my first week as a full time stay at home mom of 2. (Not including my maternity leave). The days seem so long, but I've been getting so much done. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep the house straight and the laundry caught up, but as for today I feel pretty good.

Last week I was lucky enough to get to help teach a group of 4th and 5th graders at Learning to Lead camp at ACU. It was a last minute decision, but one that I am glad I made. It was very exhausting. I was there from 8:00-12:30 and then back again from 7:00 - 9:30pm. Kaitlyn and Cora went as well in the mornings. They were in the "pre-camper" group. Kaitlyn had an absolute blast, and Cora seemed to enjoy it as well. And, I got to teach with my friend Kat who is just a real blessing - so it was awesome to get to spend the week with her.

Well, we own a minivan. Yikes. I never thought that I would say this, but I LOVE it. It's not brand new, and it's not even a brand that I was familiar with, but it is the most convenient thing ever with kids. And it's not even that bad looking - in fact I really like it. Kaitlyn loves standing up and walking back to her seat. It's hilarious. James fits in it pretty well - it has adjustable brake and gas pedals, so he can kind of stretch his legs out when he drives. The best thing about it - no payments! My uncle buys cars at auction, so he got us a really good deal.

We also bought new mattresses a couple of weeks ago. Man, I didn't know what I was missing out on. I think I now know what a good night's sleep really means.

Our small group got together for a swimming party on Sunday. The kids had a BLAST. These are my favorite pictures of the evening. This is our good friend Jason taking his 2 girls and Kaitlyn down the slide. Awesome. Kaitlyn also did a complete front flip off of the diving board. I'm really sad that I missed that photo opp. She was pretty proud of herself. I'm still wondering when we will make our first trip to the ER.....

Cora is seven months old. So hard to believe. She and Kaitlyn crack me up on a daily basis. I love these girls.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Long Time No Blog.

I wish I had some great excuse as to why I have not posted in awhile, but there's just not. Chalk this one straight up to laziness. Lots has happened though, so I'll try to re-cap. First of all, James has kindly reminded me that I have said I would blog about Cora twice and still have not. Second child already getting the shaft. Can't imagine how deprived #3 will be.

Cora is just the sweetest, most cuddly baby ever. She is very laid back. If you are holding her, you can guarantee she will be touching your face, giving you kisses, laying her head on your shoulder, etc. She is finally sitting up on her own, but she still prefers to just lay down and roll wherever she wants to go. At her 6 month check up she weighed 20.2 pounds and was 30 inches long. Still in the 99th percentile! She and Kaitlyn absolutely love each other. Kaitlyn was in Lubbock with my parents this past weekend, and we could sense a definite mood change in Cora. She just didn't smile as much, seemed a little more fussy. As soon as Kaitlyn was back, she was back to her giggly, cheerful self. Kaitlyn can make her laugh harder than anyone so far. It's so sweet to watch them together. Some other things Cora enjoys are playing with her feet, clicking her tongue, listening to anyone sing Old MacDonald had a Farm, Baby Einstein videos, her soft Lamb, any kind of baby food, her exersaucer and her swing, and splashing in the water. When she started getting her teeth she was NOT interested in her paci anymore. Most of me is glad that she doesn't want it or need it, but there is a part of me - for example, during church or in the car, that wishes I could plug it right in. I love having two girls and just feel so incredibly blessed.

Okay, what else has been going on.....

I celebrated my 28th birthday on Saturday! James took me to a nice dinner and we rented three movies. We haven't rented a movie in forever! We watched Little Miss Sunshine and Freedom Writers. I thought both were pretty good. We are getting new mattresses for our bed, so that's my big present from James, but Cora picked out some awesome perfume for me and Kaitlyn got me a new hair dryer. Both of which, I love. My parents bought me the best sheets ever for our new bed. They are called Pure Beech. They are the softest things I have ever felt. I can't wait to sleep on them! Also, a few of my girlfriends took me out to a great lunch and to get a pedicure. So, I had a very good day!

We had a really fun Fourth of July. We started the day with a neighborhood parade. This was a parade that anyone could be in. All of the neighborhood kids just decorate their bikes and ride them, there are some old fashioned cars and a firetruck or two. Very small, but a parade none-the-less and Kaitlyn thought it was awesome. For lunch we celebrated Cora's future husbands First Birthday party. After late naps, we headed to the park to watch the fireworks which turned out to be much better than last year. It was a fun day!

Two weekends ago we traveled to Dallas to see James' family. His step-dad was having surgery so we went to be with them and see grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and cousins. We are thankful that his surgery seemed to be a success - he has a good prognosis. Kaitlyn enjoyed seeing her cousins that she doesn't see too much, and it's always a treat to see James' grandparents that live in Mississippi. This was their first time to meet Cora too, so that was neat.

This is my last week of work at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I know, I didn't stay too long - but I think staying home is just the best thing for our growing family. I really love my job and the few hours a week that I get to get out and do something. However that time of day (4:00-8:00pm) is just a hard time to be away. Kaitlyn misses eating dinner all together and I do too! I am looking forward to teaching at Young Children's World two days a week beginning in August.

We sold my Honda Civic. Poor, poor Silvia. I was so sad to sell her! I have been so many places in that car! The most memorable road trip ever was when I went with Cortni all the way to Virginia. That car took me back and forth to Dallas every weekend when James and I were dating. I first got Silvia the summer before my Sophomore year in college. She really was the greatest car ever. But, with three kids we are probably going to need something a little bigger. So as soon as we sell my Papa's car we will be headed toward the land of the mini van. (Insert comment here).