Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's just not a lot to say...

Confession: I am losing all interest in blogging! I've got to get back in the swing of things. I've been doing this for almost 2 years - crazy! I just really don't think there is much that is "blog worthy" lately.

The past couple of weeks Cora has not been feeling too great. There were a few days in there where she literally cried about 6-7 hours a day. I wish I was exaggerating. She had an ear infection and was getting a tooth at the same time. Not a good combination I guess. Kaitlyn never had any trouble with getting her teeth, so I wasn't sure what to do! Cora still cries for about 5-10 minutes right before we feed her. She acts like she wants NOTHING to do with her bottle and then she will finally give up and eat it. She loves yogurt though. Our doctor said we could definitely substitute that for a bottle anytime. So, that has helped some. She is still so much fun. She loves her new Bumbo seat that my awesome friend Sara sent her! She still only rolls from her back from her tummy. Then she gets mad that she's on her tummy. But the second I turn her over, she rolls over again. Silly girl. She is starting to say more consonant sounds like "ga" and "da-da" and "na." She is an endless faucet of drool. Just like Kaitlyn was.

Kaitlyn is still her same energetic, hilarious self. This morning when I was brushing my teeth she picked up the toothpaste and said, "Mommy, do you know what this is?" I said, "Yep, it's my toothpaste." She said, "No mom. It's Kool-aid Total" I guess she meant Colgate Total. She probably saw a commercial for it. The funny thing - it was Crest toothpaste.

She is also very dramatic. One of her favorite phrases is "For the rest of my life." For example, I will say, "Kaitlyn, stop banging your guitar against your basketball goal or you're not going to get to play with it." To which she will reply, "For the rest of my life?!?!" Or, "Kaitlyn, you need to eat the rest of your dinner or you won't get a treat." She will say, "I won't ever have a treat again for the rest of my life?!"

There are many more stories I'm sure that I could post about her, I'm just pretty much blank right now. She keeps us laughing though.

We enjoyed a nice, long weekend in Lubbock over Memorial Day. I got to take 2 naps and go to bed early both nights! It was great. We also had a few of the neighborhood kids over for a water balloon toss/fight and a watermelon seed spitting contest. Kaitlyn was not shy at all when it came to knocking on doors and inviting people over that she didn't even know. It was pretty fun! Mom and I couldn't fill up the balloons fast enough. She also had fun going to "work" with Pappy in his great big truck. "Work" included going to pick out new flowers for the backyard, buying some awesome blue sunglasses, and getting an ice cream at McDonalds.

This week we are just trying to get back in the swing of things. Getting caught up on laundry, unpacking, cleaning the house... all that fun stuff.

Oh- one story or "Emergency" as Kaitlyn calls it. About a week ago, we had a bird fly into our house. A nasty, fat, dirty, gray bird just flew in when I opened the front door. I about flipped out. Cora was screaming, Kaitlyn wanted to pick it up and keep it, and James wasn't home to help me figure out what to do. So, I just shut all the interior doors and called my friend Kat to come to the rescue. Her awesome mom was visiting for the weekend, and she came over with gloves on her hands ready to get down to business. She just chased that bird around until she caught it and then put it outside. I could have NEVER done that by myself. Thanks Sherry!!!!

Hopefully more pictures of the girls to come. I haven't taken any in awhile, but I'll try to get caught up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I can't think of a title

I'm really not in the mood to blog, but I'm making myself do it anyway... How about a recap of the weekend? Okay.

Friday: James had an awesome week at work and got a new account that his boss was really excited about. As a reward, they gave him a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse - his favorite restaurant. So, we headed out for a nice dinner. Kaitlyn loves that place too because you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. And I do mean THROW. She was a little bit out of control that night. Speaking of James, he has a new blog - you should check it out and drop a comment if you have time. The site is Or you can click on his name on my list of links to the right.

Saturday morning I took Kaitlyn and Cora to McDonalds for breakfast and then we hit a couple of garage sales. I think I'm going to start doing this more on Saturdays - the garage sale part. James mowed 3 yards on Saturday, so he was pretty worn out! Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at Mr. Gattis. They seriously have the best pizza ever and I always enjoy a good game of Dance Dance Revolution!

Sunday - Happy Mothers Day! My favorite part of the day was when Kaitlyn literally ran into our bedroom that morning more excited than she was on her own birthday. She was just was smiling and laughing and screaming Happy Mothers Day over and over! Such a sweet girl. James (and Kat and Lindsay) did a great job of picking out my present! It's a silver link bracelet with a circle charm that has Kaitlyn's name on one side and Cora's name on the other. I love it! Kaitlyn was so excited to give it to me, so I got it on Saturday! And my other most favorite thing about the day is when Cora rolled over for the first time!! She rolled from her back to tummy! We were all so excited, I think it scared her a little bit!

Sunday we went out to lunch and came home where James graciously helped me clean up the house. It's amazing how much faster you can get things done when both girls are taking a nap and you have an extra set of hands! My parents drove through town that afternoon on their way back to Lubbock. It was good to be able to see them and spend some time with my mom - even if it was just a couple of hours. She's pretty much my favorite person on earth. That night we went over to some friends house for a cookout and the best ice cream cake ever. It was a really good day!

Monday I could tell that Cora just wasn't quite herself. Tuesday she refused to eat anything and cried most of the day. So last night we gave in and took her to an express care place. She has a double ear infection! Poor girl. This morning she was still extra fussy and we had to pretty much force her to eat something. Hopefully I'll see a change when she wakes up from her nap. I hate it when either of my girls are sick.

Poor baby...

This is what happens when we let Kaitlyn dress herself: Is it bad that we let her wear this to church last Wednesday night?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...and a few other things!

** This blog just took me an hour and half to post, so if you read it you better leave a comment! :)
This past weekend, my mother-in-law was nice enough to let us use their lakehouse for the weekend. I invited a few of my girl friends and we hit the road! We had so much fun laying out, swimming, trying to fish (unsuccessful), playing truth or truth, eating WAY too much, staying up late, talking into all hours of the night, taking silly pictures, did I say eating too much? We had such a good time. It was really refreshing to get away for a couple of days to relax and have fun. I did miss James and the girls and was VERY ready to see them on Sunday night! James took the girls to Dallas to see his parents for the weekend. I was so proud of him, and thankful that he was willing to take Kaitlyn and Cora on by himself. I'm pretty sure they had a blast with Nana, Papaw, Aunt Jenny and Grandmere. Kaitlyn even swam across the pool with just a little help from a "noodle!" Cora even learned a new trick where she shakes her head "no" really fast. It's hilarious.

James with his sister Jennifer and Cora.

Nana and Kaitlyn

Yay for girls weekend!

We thought it was pretty funny that Sonic was spelled wrong on it's own sign.

Me and Kat

Yes, we are playing Guess Who.

Gotta love the self timer on the camera.

Monday night was Kaitlyn's school program. She did so good! I wish I could a little bit of the video on here. As you can imagine, she was pretty funny to watch. I still can't believe she is about to be four.

Kaitlyn's sweet teacher, Ms. Keri

Just a picture that I like!

Maybe the gecko wasn't such a great idea. This morning she got one out to hold and she held it up to her cheek so it could "give her a kiss." It gave her some teeth marks instead.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Go Mavs!

We finally get a win. I think I had about 37 heart attacks watching that game, but we managed to pull it out. Hopefully we can grab game 6 on Thursday!