Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting closer to Christmas!!

We traveled to Lubbock this past weekend to visit my parents and do a few fun "holiday" things. We got in Friday night and Kaitlyn could not wait to help Pappy build a fire outside. This is one of her favorite things to do with them in the fall/winter months. This time we even roasted marshmallows, which she loved.

On Saturday my mom had set up a massage for me at my favorite place. It was SO great to be able to lay on my stomach! It was wonderful and just what I needed! We did some shopping on Saturday afternoon, and then we took Kaitlyn to see Enchanted. She really enjoyed this movie. She got a little scared when the mean witch turned into an old woman, but it didn't seem to bother her for too long. I thought she would remember the fun songs, the pretty dresses, the princess stuff - but the only line that she keeps repeating is: "Man, I've got to lay off those nuts." Some squirrel or chipmunk says this and she thought it was the funniest thing in the world. She says it ALL THE TIME.

Saturday night we braved the freezing cold weather and went to a fun Winter Wonderland that an awesome neighborhood puts on. We didn't stay for long, but we got a few fun pictures, Kaitlyn got to see Santa, and we took a little carriage ride. I don't think I've ever been that cold in my life - but it was a fun memory to make!

Sunday was great. Church, a yummy home cooked meal, an AWESOME Cowboys game on TV, and making a gingerbread house with Kaitlyn. It actually turned out to just be a huge gingerbread cookie because we weren't prepared for how long it would take to get the house to stand on it's own. So, we gave up and just let Kaitlyn decorate the different pieces. She still had fun and that's what matters!

It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Side note: Cora is walking! She wants to go really fast, so she still loses her balance quite a bit, but we are way excited! I've been trying to post a video of her up here, but it's not cooperating. We are celebrating her 1st birthday this weekend - crazy!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I have a really sneaky husband and the best girlfriends ever!!

So, tonight after church James said he needed to run by some guy's house from work to pick up something. Not a big deal. We start driving over there (a place he's never been) and he decides to call his mom and ask about Christmas details - while looking for this house that is out in the middle of nowhere. Cora - in the mean time - is hungry and fussy and I'm trying to mix up a bottle that she can feed herself from her car seat. Kaitlyn is getting upset that she can't watch a show when she gets home. The cars behind us are all frustrated because James is driving 7 miles per hour, looking for a house, and talking to his mom about travel plans. We finally get to this house and he has the audacity to ask me, his 8 month pregnant wife to get out of the car, go up to the house and get whatever it is that he needs for work. WHAT?! He's still on the phone with his mom and just says, "Just run up there and get it, it looks like a CD." Wow. I sit there for a second and try to let all of this sink in before I just roll my eyes and get out of the car. I get to the front porch to find absolutely nothing waiting for him. Unless he was talking about the really cute mini lit up Christmas trees lining the patio. I turn around to go back to the car and I hear the door open and some girl say, "Hey, come here." Ummm... okay. I turn around and saw my friend Holly peering out through the front door. She opened it a little further and like 7 of my friends all jump out and yell SURPRISE!!! I was seriously in shock. It's only about 7 months until my birthday. I had no idea what was going on. I turn around and see James (still on the phone) start to drive away. See ya.

My sweet friends gave me the sweetest little mommy-to-be (again) shower! I was so surprised - usually I figure these things out, but not this time. They had the best desserts ever to eat. And they all pitched in and gave me a day at the spa!!! Manicure, pedicure, massage, facial - the works. I am SO truly blessed with such great friends. Thank you so much Kat, Hayley, Johnna, Amanda, Lindsay, Rachael, Katie, and Holly!!!! It was so fun to just relax and hang out with ya'll!! It was just what I needed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Fat Update....

Almost an entire month without posting. Yikes. I know all of you have lost sleep over it. I don't even know where to start summing up a month's worth of activities. I'll try with pictures....

The Highland Family Retreat was a blast, as usual. This was our third time to go. We only took Kaitlyn - Cora had fun hanging out with Mamaw and Pappy for the weekend.

This picture cracks me up. James is just trying to keep us from flipping over, Kaitlyn is crying because she just smashed her fingers, and I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Kaitlyn and a few of her buddies.

This is just a random picture of Cora that I thought was cute.

Only in Abilene does Santa come in on a helicopter. Kaitlyn and her friend Lucy loved going to the mall to watch him land.

Raking leaves in the yard....

Cora... just excited that she didn't have to help this year. She just sat in her exersaucer and ate crackers.

Happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a long visit in the Metroplex. We were able to see most of our entire family.
Our first stop was Grandpa and Grandmere's house. Here's Kaitlyn and I painting Christmas ornaments. Quite possibly the cheesiest picture of me I've ever seen.

Kaitlyn getting to stuff the turkey

Playing a game of Sorry with Grandmere

A fun picture of the girls...

Cora hanging out with Grandpa

We also made a stop in Ft. Worth where Kaitlyn got to see her cousins, Abby and Anna Lea.

There are SO many more pictures, I'll have to post a Part 2 to my update. The past few days we have had pajama day at school, play dates with friends, decorated our Christmas tree, and put the outside lights on the house. I'm so excited that it is almost December!
Another exciting piece of news is we finally decided on a name for the baby. (James just never came around to liking Chandler) Her name will be Claire Elizabeth. I'm so glad to finally have one chosen. Thanks to my doctor who likes to have a plan as much as I do, it looks like we will induce on January 14th!! Not too much longer!
More to come......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daddy/Daughter Moment....

Just a small conversation I heard between James and Kaitlyn a few minutes ago.

JAMES: "Do you have any Princess Jasmines?"
Kaitlyn: "GOLDfish!!"

I just love that James is playing Disney Princess Go-fish and is just as excited about it as if he were playing Hold-Em with the boys.

And Kaitlyn just makes me laugh numerous times a day. GOLDFISH.... silly girl.

Update and pictures to come from our awesome weekend at the Highland Family Retreat!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Festivities

We've gone to the pumpkin patch....

Enjoyed Kaitlyn's last soccer game of the season....

Had a fun weekend visit from Nana...

Carved a pumpkin...

And dressed up for Trunk or Treat at church....

My little cat searching for Cheerios on the ground...

Two of our sweet huddle girls in their creative costumes....

Kaitlyn and her good friend Olivia dressed like witches...

Happy Fall!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Homecoming

This time of year, I especially love living in Abilene. This weekend has been ACU Homecoming - and we just have to walk across the street to enjoy all of the festivities! Us girls have enjoyed the Homecoming carnival, the parade, the purple bubbles in the fountain, the purple Tower of Light, all of the ribbons and streamers around town, and seeing lots of friends. James and his ACU buddies decided to boycott Homecoming this year and all meet at the lake instead. I'm pretty sure they had a good time. Here's a few pictures from the weekend - and a couple of randoms.

Ooh - and I think that the highs are supposed to be in the 60's for most of this week. Maybe Fall is actually coming!!!

Uncle Neil and Brittany came last week to see Kaitlyn play soccer....

Kaitlyn and her BFF Emma

Cora - looking a little drunk...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ho Hum...

I guess I'm in another blogging "funk," if you will. I don't have many new pictures - and that is usually what inspires me to post. So, boring as it may be, here is a re-cap of what each of us has been up to:

James: He got back last week from 6 days away from his girls! He was in the Virginia/D.C. area for a work conference. He really enjoyed it, and I think learned so much. He came back with lots of new ideas that he was excited about sharing with his co-workers. He was also able to visit Travis, Kelly and sweet baby Bennett while he was there. I was totally jealous!! We are so glad that Bennett has been doing so well. He is SUCH a fighter. And SO handsome!

James is also enjoying ACU pledging right now. He is a Galaxy sponsor, so he has had a few late nights - and a few funny stories. He'll have to blog about that, though.

He's doing great coaching Kaitlyn's soccer team! They are really fun to watch. James gets a little too competitive though for little 4 year olds. He usually has to seriously calm himself down after every game. And they don't even keep score!

Leslie: I got to enjoy some fabulous "me" time this past weekend. I traveled to the Metroplex all ALONE and loved it! I was able to have dinner with my sweet friend Cortni, enjoy some time with my Grandmother, and then spend the rest of the weekend with my sweet friend Meredith! We got the greatest pedicures EVER, saw a great movie - The Kingdom, got to eat at PeiWei, got Braums lime sherbet, and had a relaxing afternoon on Sunday. Thanks Meredith!! :) I was very ready to get home and see my family though! As much fun as I had - there was this lingering "guilty" feeling the whole time I was gone.

Last Thursday I had Bunko at my house. We haven't played in a really long time, and it was fun to catch up with those girls - and get to know a couple of new ones! I am so blessed with such great girl friends in Abilene.

Kaitlyn: She is still loving PreK. They are learning so much and stay really busy! She is getting so good at writing letters and numbers, drawing creative pictures, learning sign language and a little bit more spanish. She is always wiped out on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons though. I can't imagine how tired she will be when "real" school starts next year!

She is doing great at soccer! She really enjoys going to each practice and every game. I think she has scored at least one goal in each game. But, most importantly - she is having fun and getting some great exercise! Now, if the weather would just cool off a little bit!

Cora: She is finally crawling around everywhere! She loves to follow Kaitlyn around. She also loves to stand at the front or back door and look outside. Her four words are Daddy, Mama, Uh-oh, and Bye-Bye. She loves to wave and blow kisses. She pulls up on everything and has even stood on her own for a few seconds. She just can't wait to chase her sister around. She is a great sleeper at naps and night time. She is a CHUNK to say the least. I think she weighs around 25 pounds and she's 9 1/2 months old! She's so cuddly and loves being hugged and kissed on. She is truly a JOY!

Chandler: Yep - it's official. Thanks to all of your comments and lots of convincing from me and Kaitlyn - James finally decided that he liked it. I am so excited! So far, she is a very chill baby. I rarely feel her move at all. I go and get her heart rate checked fairly often (doctor's orders) just to make sure she is okay! Maybe she'll just be very laid back. A girl can wish right? !

So....there is the recap. I will try and take some new pictures soon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess how much I love you......

I'm home from church tonight with Cora, who has not been feeling well the past couple of days. I really hope she feels better soon!

Earlier this afternoon, Kaitlyn told me that she wanted to tell me how much she loved me, Daddy and Cora - and that she wanted me to type it. I thought it was so sweet (and hilarious), so here is how much we are loved..... in her exact words.

i love Mommy all the way around the world 88 times,
and all the way through the states of America,
and all the way to the 50 States of America that we love,
and all the way to Arizona and Mexico,
and to America state 'merica,
and all the way through the stars,
all the way through the planets of America,
and all the way back to Abilene.

I love Daddy all the way through the world 80 million times,
and all the way through the states of you know,
and I love him how much you love me,
and back to Abilene.

I love Cora all the way past the world 80 million 80 times
and all the way through the planets
and all the way from the stars that you know in America,
and all the way through the million states,
and the oceans,
and the lakes and rivers and back to Abilene.

How funny is that? I love the way she thinks.

We are thinking about the name Chandler Brooke for baby girl #3. I need a LOT of comments on how much you love it, so that we can convince James - okay?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Picture Update

Here are some soccer pictures, as promised. Kaitlyn really has done so good! I've been really nervous about how she would do. For four seasons, she has been used to watching James coach other teams, and has been able to practice a little bit if she wanted to, then go sit down. During games she would be able to run around on the field for awhile and then come sit with me. I wasn't sure that she would understand that now she is actually part of the team and would need to stay out there, follow directions, etc. She complains every now and then about not wanting to go to practice, she's tired, she's thirsty. But during the game she does great! I think she has been blessed with some athletic ability, that's for sure. It's really fun to watch her.

She's so proud of all of her soccer gear!
And VERY proud of being number 10.

Guys, seriously? Do we have to tuck our shirts in? Coach James is so picky!

This is right before the game started. I wish I could think of a funny quote. It's just funny to me that the other team is all huddled up looking at her.

What? It's only 100 cookie cutters. It won't take that long to pick them up!

My two beautiful girls that look nothing alike. I am so anxious to see what #3 looks like!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Four to One...

That's right everyone. We are having another GIRL! We are a little surprised, but a LOT excited. Especially Kaitlyn. The sonogram looked great. Her little hands were tucked up under her chin and her feet were crossed. It looked like she was sucking on her tounge, which is exactly what Kaitlyn was doing in her sonogram. It was pretty cute.

Also - Kaitlyn's first soccer game was a success. It was a blast to watch. I have some funny pictures that I will post later. I was a little nervous b/c Kaitlyn didn't seem to excited at first. But, she actually ended up scoring two goals! I was so proud. She walked off the field each time and gave everyone a high five. Hilarious. More to come on that later.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer is over....

Summer has officially come to an end around here. Kaitlyn and Cora have both started "school" two days a week at Young Children's World. I have also begun teaching there this year, and so for I am enjoying it. I am teaching the young 2's class - and we have some really cute kiddos! I love the other girls that I teach with - they make going to work enjoyable. Kaitlyn is in the PreK class, and I am really impressed with the things she gets to do each day. Her teacher's are very creative and I think she will be even more prepared for Kindergarten when the year is done. Cora has done great in her class - no crying! Her teachers say she just chills out and is happy the entire time, which makes me happy!

Kaitlyn also started soccer a couple of weeks ago. Her first game is this Saturday. We'll see how that goes... James is coaching her team, along with one of his good friends. His daughter and Kaitlyn are great friends - it will be fun watching them play soccer together. James let Kaitlyn pick out the name of their team. She became obsessed with sea creatures this summer after our visit to the beach, so they are called the Stingrays. Or, just "The Rays" as Kaitlyn calls them. I'm sure I'll have some good pictures to post after the weekend.

We have kicked off another year of leading Huddles at Highland. Our freshman are now Sophomores - and they already seem older! I am excited to enjoy another year with these sweet kids.

All the ACU students are back. We live VERY close to campus - so we definitely feel the effects of this! Lots of cars parked on our street, people (guys) driving way too fast, hearing the chapel bells ring from our front yard.... ACU has done some pretty cool renovations lately though. It's neat to walk around campus and see everything new.

We find out the sex of Baby Mayo #3 on Monday! I am so anxious for this appointment. I'm just ready to see him/her and hear from the doctor that everything is progressing normally and that so far everything looks good.

James' job is still going really well. He is given new responsibilities every day it seems like. He is constantly talking about it and trying to think of new ideas. It's fun to finally see him excited about his career, and to see him doing well. His company is sending him to a conference in Virginia for 7 whole days in a few weeks. He is super excited about this opportunity, but we sure will miss him.

Our Huddle group praying at Jacob's Dream...

Some of our awesome Huddle girls, one guy, and Kaitlyn...

For all of you ACU alumni, this is what used to be the Hilton room in the campus center - now a real food court!

Sweet girls....