Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Fat Update....

Almost an entire month without posting. Yikes. I know all of you have lost sleep over it. I don't even know where to start summing up a month's worth of activities. I'll try with pictures....

The Highland Family Retreat was a blast, as usual. This was our third time to go. We only took Kaitlyn - Cora had fun hanging out with Mamaw and Pappy for the weekend.

This picture cracks me up. James is just trying to keep us from flipping over, Kaitlyn is crying because she just smashed her fingers, and I really have no idea what I'm doing.

Kaitlyn and a few of her buddies.

This is just a random picture of Cora that I thought was cute.

Only in Abilene does Santa come in on a helicopter. Kaitlyn and her friend Lucy loved going to the mall to watch him land.

Raking leaves in the yard....

Cora... just excited that she didn't have to help this year. She just sat in her exersaucer and ate crackers.

Happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a long visit in the Metroplex. We were able to see most of our entire family.
Our first stop was Grandpa and Grandmere's house. Here's Kaitlyn and I painting Christmas ornaments. Quite possibly the cheesiest picture of me I've ever seen.

Kaitlyn getting to stuff the turkey

Playing a game of Sorry with Grandmere

A fun picture of the girls...

Cora hanging out with Grandpa

We also made a stop in Ft. Worth where Kaitlyn got to see her cousins, Abby and Anna Lea.

There are SO many more pictures, I'll have to post a Part 2 to my update. The past few days we have had pajama day at school, play dates with friends, decorated our Christmas tree, and put the outside lights on the house. I'm so excited that it is almost December!
Another exciting piece of news is we finally decided on a name for the baby. (James just never came around to liking Chandler) Her name will be Claire Elizabeth. I'm so glad to finally have one chosen. Thanks to my doctor who likes to have a plan as much as I do, it looks like we will induce on January 14th!! Not too much longer!
More to come......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daddy/Daughter Moment....

Just a small conversation I heard between James and Kaitlyn a few minutes ago.

JAMES: "Do you have any Princess Jasmines?"
Kaitlyn: "GOLDfish!!"

I just love that James is playing Disney Princess Go-fish and is just as excited about it as if he were playing Hold-Em with the boys.

And Kaitlyn just makes me laugh numerous times a day. GOLDFISH.... silly girl.

Update and pictures to come from our awesome weekend at the Highland Family Retreat!