Monday, April 21, 2008

A little Beyonce....

This was Kaitlyn in September of last year. I don't think I ever posted it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shout Out...

Everyone. Stop what you are doing right now. My cousin Brenna has started a blog. She recently started working at Home Depot, and she writes about all the crazy people that work there and visit there as customers. It's hilarious. She is one of the funniest people I know, and I'm SO excited that she has finally started a blog. It will seriously change your life. Check it out now. Click on brenna over there to your right.....

Oh, and leave her a comment or else.
Oh, and that is her Siggie composite picture in case you were wondering just how awesome she really is.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A little bit of catching up....

I didn't feel like proofreading this, so please forgive any spelling mistakes! (Or grammar ones - Katie H)

These are the blogs that totally stress me out. I feel like we've done a lot since I last posted, but I can't remember anything! But, I feel like I have an obligation to my three faithful readers to post something. So, I guess I'll just cop out and go down the list of family members....


She is doing great in PreK. She is reading and writing better every day. I believe that she has a strong passion for learning. I hope that continues as she gets older. Her teachers asked her to have a speaking part in their program in May. She initially said that she didn't want to do it. But she had the 4 line part memorized in like 10 minutes. A little Cold Stone Creamery bribery, and I bet she'll do just fine in the program. She is still playing soccer and doing well. She had 5 goals in the game on Saturday. This is the first season that I have noticed her being considerably taller than the girls on her team. My first baby girl is growing up way too fast. Kindergarten registration is May 10th. W.O.W. The girls is in love with coloring. She has so many coloring books and colors for at least an hour every day. She has to color with markers though. I'm not sure why. She says that she is hungry every second of the day. This drives me insane. She has a loose tooth! Her front left tooth is definitely wiggling around. She has been asking me lately when she will lose a tooth. I told her probably not until she is 6 years old or so. This happened a little earlier than expected. Until... I heard her talking to my mom on the phone and she told her that she fell and hit her tooth on her knee and knocked it loose. I called the dentist to make sure we didn't need to take her in. He said that it would probably just set itself back in there. I can't stop her from wiggling it though. So it may come out sooner than later. It's so funny to imagine her with no front tooth!


Oh, Cora.. Cora.. Cora. This girl keeps us laughing. She is the sweetest, squishiest, most fun little thing in the world. She loves her sisters. If either of them get upset or start crying for any reason, Cora will run to them and give them a kiss. She calls Kaitlyn "sissy" and Claire "baby". We're working on their real names though. Cora is a BIG girl (weighing in at 32 pounds) and she can hold her own! She likes to play rough with Kaitlyn and her Daddy. She thinks it's so funny if one of them are laying on ther floor, she will walk backwards and sit - plop down - right on them. On their face usually. If anyone around her is laughing, she will start laughing. With her mouth WIDE open. She loves to dance. She loves being outside. Especially in her swing. She loves bubbles. And baths. She is getting much better about eating. She has now added grapes, strawberries, chicken nuggets, lazagne, green beans, bread, mac and cheese, and french fries to her menu. Oh -and jello. She can put away some jello. She can scream really loud. She rarely says yes. "No" means yes to her. She still won't drink milk out of a sippy cup. Only a bottle. She has the biggest blue eyes ever and I love them. She loves to give kisses and I love that too.


She will be 3 months old on Thursday. Crazy. She is soooo chill. She is a very serious baby. You have to really act stupid to get her to smile. Her cheeks are getting bigger and bigger. They just sag down, it's hilarious. She looks like a little bit of everyone. She has Cora's blue eyes, but Kaitlyn's eye shape. She has more red hair and looks a lot like my baby pictures. She has a long face like James. She's a cute one! She has rolled over once from her tummy to her back, and once the other way. But she doesn't seem interested in doing it often. She spits up ALL the time. She sleeps all the time as well. I'm not complaining too much about this. We put her to bed around 8 or 8:30 and she'll sleep until 8 or 8:30. She still sleeps all the time during the day too. I love when she is awake though. She just seems to soak everything in. Her hands are always up by her mouth. She will suck on a paci, but she ususally knocks it out and sticks her hand in her mouth instead. She likes to cuddle. I don't have a lot of time to do this, but I cherish the times that I do. She's my baby girl!!!


Still enjoying his job at the ARN. He's doing well and coming up with lots of neat ideas for the paper. He is also playing softball right now with a bunch of guys from church. The "Highland God Helpers." Or HGH, as they call themselves. You sports buff's should know what HGH is. They think they are pretty funny. Last night was their 3rd game. They could have been 3-0, but some guy on the other team broke his knee cap. They had to call an ambulance and everything, so they didn't get to finish the game. Pretty exciting stuff. He's also been running some. He is planning on running in his first 5K in a couple of weeks. Go James! I hear his fantasy baseball team isn't doing so bad either...


I'm just trying to keep it all together. Every day presents new challenges. I love raising three girls and I'm doing my best to do a good job. I have great girl friends that keep me going and a good husband that encourages me. (Most of the time!) I'm getting ready for a garage sale at my house this weekend. That should be interesting! I'm looking forward to cleaning out a bunch of stuff and hopefully making some extra cash while I'm at it. Thanks to my good friend Abbey, I'm beginning to study a couple of books with hopes of getting into Medical Transcriptioning. I am looking at doing this at home part time - if it all works out. The books seem pretty interesting, and it's always good to learn something new!

Here's a few pictures to end this way long post!

Just a little bit of light reading....

Go Stingrays!

Cora helping me with garage sale stuff. And by helping I mean taking out, unfolding, and taking the stickers off of things that are ready to go.

I just think these two pictures are funny.

Got a little excited with the blue marker.

Tummy time...