Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess how much I love you......

I'm home from church tonight with Cora, who has not been feeling well the past couple of days. I really hope she feels better soon!

Earlier this afternoon, Kaitlyn told me that she wanted to tell me how much she loved me, Daddy and Cora - and that she wanted me to type it. I thought it was so sweet (and hilarious), so here is how much we are loved..... in her exact words.

i love Mommy all the way around the world 88 times,
and all the way through the states of America,
and all the way to the 50 States of America that we love,
and all the way to Arizona and Mexico,
and to America state 'merica,
and all the way through the stars,
all the way through the planets of America,
and all the way back to Abilene.

I love Daddy all the way through the world 80 million times,
and all the way through the states of you know,
and I love him how much you love me,
and back to Abilene.

I love Cora all the way past the world 80 million 80 times
and all the way through the planets
and all the way from the stars that you know in America,
and all the way through the million states,
and the oceans,
and the lakes and rivers and back to Abilene.

How funny is that? I love the way she thinks.

We are thinking about the name Chandler Brooke for baby girl #3. I need a LOT of comments on how much you love it, so that we can convince James - okay?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Picture Update

Here are some soccer pictures, as promised. Kaitlyn really has done so good! I've been really nervous about how she would do. For four seasons, she has been used to watching James coach other teams, and has been able to practice a little bit if she wanted to, then go sit down. During games she would be able to run around on the field for awhile and then come sit with me. I wasn't sure that she would understand that now she is actually part of the team and would need to stay out there, follow directions, etc. She complains every now and then about not wanting to go to practice, she's tired, she's thirsty. But during the game she does great! I think she has been blessed with some athletic ability, that's for sure. It's really fun to watch her.

She's so proud of all of her soccer gear!
And VERY proud of being number 10.

Guys, seriously? Do we have to tuck our shirts in? Coach James is so picky!

This is right before the game started. I wish I could think of a funny quote. It's just funny to me that the other team is all huddled up looking at her.

What? It's only 100 cookie cutters. It won't take that long to pick them up!

My two beautiful girls that look nothing alike. I am so anxious to see what #3 looks like!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Four to One...

That's right everyone. We are having another GIRL! We are a little surprised, but a LOT excited. Especially Kaitlyn. The sonogram looked great. Her little hands were tucked up under her chin and her feet were crossed. It looked like she was sucking on her tounge, which is exactly what Kaitlyn was doing in her sonogram. It was pretty cute.

Also - Kaitlyn's first soccer game was a success. It was a blast to watch. I have some funny pictures that I will post later. I was a little nervous b/c Kaitlyn didn't seem to excited at first. But, she actually ended up scoring two goals! I was so proud. She walked off the field each time and gave everyone a high five. Hilarious. More to come on that later.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer is over....

Summer has officially come to an end around here. Kaitlyn and Cora have both started "school" two days a week at Young Children's World. I have also begun teaching there this year, and so for I am enjoying it. I am teaching the young 2's class - and we have some really cute kiddos! I love the other girls that I teach with - they make going to work enjoyable. Kaitlyn is in the PreK class, and I am really impressed with the things she gets to do each day. Her teacher's are very creative and I think she will be even more prepared for Kindergarten when the year is done. Cora has done great in her class - no crying! Her teachers say she just chills out and is happy the entire time, which makes me happy!

Kaitlyn also started soccer a couple of weeks ago. Her first game is this Saturday. We'll see how that goes... James is coaching her team, along with one of his good friends. His daughter and Kaitlyn are great friends - it will be fun watching them play soccer together. James let Kaitlyn pick out the name of their team. She became obsessed with sea creatures this summer after our visit to the beach, so they are called the Stingrays. Or, just "The Rays" as Kaitlyn calls them. I'm sure I'll have some good pictures to post after the weekend.

We have kicked off another year of leading Huddles at Highland. Our freshman are now Sophomores - and they already seem older! I am excited to enjoy another year with these sweet kids.

All the ACU students are back. We live VERY close to campus - so we definitely feel the effects of this! Lots of cars parked on our street, people (guys) driving way too fast, hearing the chapel bells ring from our front yard.... ACU has done some pretty cool renovations lately though. It's neat to walk around campus and see everything new.

We find out the sex of Baby Mayo #3 on Monday! I am so anxious for this appointment. I'm just ready to see him/her and hear from the doctor that everything is progressing normally and that so far everything looks good.

James' job is still going really well. He is given new responsibilities every day it seems like. He is constantly talking about it and trying to think of new ideas. It's fun to finally see him excited about his career, and to see him doing well. His company is sending him to a conference in Virginia for 7 whole days in a few weeks. He is super excited about this opportunity, but we sure will miss him.

Our Huddle group praying at Jacob's Dream...

Some of our awesome Huddle girls, one guy, and Kaitlyn...

For all of you ACU alumni, this is what used to be the Hilton room in the campus center - now a real food court!

Sweet girls....