Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

Well, my brother got hitched. We all headed to Dallas - right in the heart of downtown Dallas - for all of the festivities. Thursday night, I enjoyed hanging out with Brittany (my new SIL) and the rest of the bridesmaids. We had fun out on the town in Addison. Friday, we just hung around the hotel and let the girls swim for awhile. We didn't have too much planned until the rehearsal, so Kaitlyn and I headed up to Plano to visit my sweet friend Meredith who is spending her days (and nights) in the hospital until her sweet babies arrive. It was so fun to see her and visit for awhile. Friday night, we did the rehearsal thing. Neil and Brittany got married outside at the Avanti Fountain Place. It was SO pretty. The rehearsal dinner was at Eddie Deens - also downtown. It was VERY good food. It's one of George Bush's fav's actually. They just catered Jenna Bush's wedding - in case you were wondering. The wedding day was fairly relaxed also. The girls swam some more, and took some naps to gear up for the long night ahead. The wedding was beautiful. It wasn't too hot outside. Kaitlyn and Cora looked so sweet in their flower girl dresses. Cora ended up NOT wanting to walk down the aisle, but Kaitlyn did a good job. The reception was a blast and everyone hit the dance floor! Kaitlyn has got some moves that she DEFINITELY did NOT get from her mother.

I'm so happy for Neil and Brittany. I'm so excited that she is a part of our family now!

Me and my dad. He performed the ceremony and did an awesome job.

Sweet Claire. She was passed around to SO many people throughout the weekend. She's a trooper!
Gettin' their groove on...

The happy couple!

Mom and Dad, Neil, and our little fam...

It was fun to get all dressed up!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I just have to brag...

I have the greatest husband ever. He went above and beyond this year... and although I have no pictures - here is what I got to do on Monday - my 29th birthday.

8:45AM - I left the house for a hair appointment that he made for me. Yay!

10:15 - My friend Holly shows up at the hair salon. I just thought it was a coincidence that I saw here there. Nope! She shows up with a card from James saying to have fun shopping with Holly -but to be warned! At 11:45 my phone would ring and I just needed to do what they said and not ask questions (unless I needed directions).

10:15-11:45 - Had a blast shopping at Kohls and Target - two of my favorite places. I was SO EXCITED to find a pair of black satin shoes for the wedding this weekend on sale for $4.49!!!

11:45 - My phone rings and my great friend Ann calls to say that James has set up lunch plans with her and two other girlfriends that I usually have lunch with on Mondays. Fun! So, we go have lunch at one of our favorite's - Little Panda. There, I receive another card from James saying my next appointment is at 2:00.. then gives me an address. So, I had time to enjoy a leisurely lunch with 3 of my favorite girls.

2:00 - I show up at some lady named Shirley's house - no clue who she was or what I was doing there. Turns out James had set up an HOUR AND A HALF massage with her. This lady was very highly recommended to me a long time ago and I had told James about her. I guess he just filed that away in that smart brain of his. So, I enjoyed the best massage I have ever had, BY FAR. I seriously don't think it was safe for me to be driving after that.

3:30 - I was told to just go home and relax for awhile. James had taken the girls over to a friends house to play so that I could just enjoy a bath and a book for an hour or so. This was awesome!

5:00 - The girls came home and I felt so rejuvenated - I enjoyed playing with them for a little while before James said it was time to go to dinner!

6:30 - Arrive at my favorite place - Olive Garden. We were being led to what I thought was our table when I hear a very loud "Surprise!" There were about 20 of my friends already there! James had set this up - so he and the girls left to go to Gatti's and I enjoyed a night of fun and laughter with pretty much all of my favorite people.

8:30ish - I got to enjoy the remainder of the night at Lindsay's house watching the Bachelorette finale (Jesse, WHAT?).

It was one of my favorite birthday's ever - and one I won't ever forget. He put so much thought into it and planned it so far in advance!

Thanks, James for such a wonderful day! little brother is getting married this weekend!! YIKES!!!!!!