Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend and Cora at 4 months..

Just got back from the doctor and here are Cora's 4 month stats:

Weight : 18.6 pounds (gained 4 pounds from 2 months)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (she hardly grew at all from 2 months)

99th percentile in both categories!! Yeah!

In June I take both girls on the same day for Cora's 6 month and Kaitlyns 4 year appointments. They both get shots. That should be a blast.

Well.. we enjoyed lots of fun time outside this weekend. Friday night we walked over and watched an ACU baseball game. It was like a huge playground for Kaitlyn. She made 3 little friends and they took over that place. James and I enjoyed sitting outside visiting with friends and watching the game. Saturday, James took Kaitlyn to a couple of the ACU girls soccer games, and then we went to another ACU baseball game! Kaitlyn met up with her friends she had met the day before and quickly become too cool to hang out with us! It was really fun watching her run around and play. She is just growing up way too fast.

Sunday James and I got to help teach in the 3 year old class at church. That was an adventure! All the kids tried to blow bubbles "all the way up to Mr. James' head!" That was a fun game. That afternoon I literally cleaned my house for 7 hours. I wish I was exaggerating. But I finally have a totally clean house with most of the laundry done! I took a break halfway through and the 4 of us went to the park for like 2 hours! Kaitlyn has mastered the handlebars and loves doing them so much she got little blisters on her hands. We played soccer and football and discovered that Cora's new favorite thing is ice. It's so funny to watch her eat it. She LOVES it!

We had a lot of fun together just hanging out as a family. I feel really blessed to be at this stage in my life right now. I love having James as my husband. I love having 2 hilarious girls. I love our friends in Abilene. I love my job at BBBS. I love our house. I'm just happy!

Cora's new favorite thing...

The rose bushes in our back yard

Enjoying hanging out in her stroller!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Please tell me I'm not the only one that didn't know this. James laughed at me forever last night when I saw this on TV:

Gatorade was formulated in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida in an effort to help the then struggling Florida Gators football team. Dehydration was taking its toll on the players, who were fated to contest their home games in the heat and humidity of the Florida swamp. The new beverage helped counteract the debilitating dehydration far better than pure water had, turning the Gators into an effective second-half team. Fueled by Gatorade, in 1967 the Gators won their first Orange bowl.

More about our weekend to come...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My sweet Kaitlyn

Yesterday was just one of those days for me. One of those days where it felt like I could do nothing right. The dishes went undone, the laundry wasn't done - which meant James had to wear a dirty shirt to a softball game, I felt extremely tired - which meant Kaitlyn was easily frustrated when all she wanted was just a little bit of my time. I couldn't figure out our finances like I wanted to. I felt like I should have had more to say at our Huddle group. I packed Cora the wrong bottle for church and she spit over half of it out. It was just a really long day. So, last night when both girls were in bed and James was out playing softball (in his dirty shirt), I just sat on the couch and cried. Kind of like I'm doing now. STUPID NEW BIRTH CONTROL!!! Anyway, about 10 minutes later, Kaitlyn came out and in the sweetest voice asked me if I would come lay with her. Any other night I would have just told her no and sent her back to bed. But, for some reason, nothing sounded better to me than to go lay with her. For those 10 minutes that I was in there, I felt like I was the child and she was the mother. She grabbed my hand and held it tight. She squeezed it 3 times, which is our sign for "I love you." And then, out of the blue she just starts praying out loud. Just a short, simple prayer. She said, "Dear God, help mommy to have a good day tomorrow. Because I just love her and I want her to have a good day. Amen." I cried, pretty much until she fell asleep. She usually freaks out when I cry, but she didn't this time. She just kept on holding my hand and rubbing my arm.

I truly believe that God speaks to us through our kids. I'm already having a much better day today.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kaitlyn's first trip to the Dentist and more...

Well - I'm an idiot. Seriously. On Friday Kaitlyn fell out of the car at Walmart. I thought she hurt her face really bad, but she was more worried about a little cut on her finger than the blood pouring from her head. Everything turned out fine - she is totally okay. Well, on Saturday I noticed a chip in between her two front teeth. I just figured that when she fell, she bumped her teeth as well. So I called the dentist this morning to get Kaitlyn in. We went in, they took an x-ray and found..... a HUGE CAVITY!! What? I felt like the biggest idiot. Especially since I did work for a dentist for a year and did not realize this is what it could be. But the main reason I feel like a bad mom is because I am NOT very strict on her brushing her teeth every night, and *gasp* sometimes I let her have a sippy cup in her bed. I know... I know. That stops tonight!!!! So, here is how rest of the appointment played out. The doctor immediatly gets a little nervous telling me what all is involved in filling a cavity on a 3 year old. He said they would give her laughing gas, then a shot, and then fill it. I wasn't too worried about it - Kaitlyn is pretty tough. But, she has never been in this situation before so I was curious to know how she would handle it. Well, too bad I wouldn't get that chance because the dentist wouldn't let me stay back there with her. I argued with him at first, but then agreed thinking he probably knew what he was doing. I called James almost in tears. I have no idea why I was crying, I guess I just wanted to witness this "first" moment in Kaitlyn's life. So, not more than 10 minutes later Kaitlyn comes literally bouncing out saying, "That was great! I love my "feeling!" (filling)." The dentist said he did give her the laughing gas, but decided not to numb it with a shot and see how far he could get. Kaitlyn was so brave - he made it all the way through with no shot! Kaitlyn had like 3 bracelets on each wrist and about 7 stickers on her shirt. She just continues to surprise me each and every day.

The rest in pictures....

We had a sleepover with our Freshman huddle girls on Saturday night. It's been awhile since I've stayed up the entire night. I'm still recovering. I had some of my friends come bang on the windows and scare them, it was pretty great. Here's the crowd:

Jody jamming out to Guitar Hero. She was awesome!

We went to Walmart at 1:00 AM to get face masks and cucumbers. Yes - 1:00 in the AM.

A Daddy and his girls. They both just love him. As cheesy as it sounds, my heart overflows with love everytime I see these girls smile at their Daddy. They both have such a sweet connection with him.

Anyone remember the red hat?

It's back!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy CRAZY Easter!!

Did it really just snow this weekend? How crazy is that? We still managed to have a good time. I still put the girls in their short sleeved dresses with sandals. We just hurried in and out of church! We did have an indoor easter egg hunt, however. Kaitlyn had a blast decorating and finding all of her eggs.

My parents came down on Thursday night so that James and I could go to Arlington for the home opener of the Texas Rangers. We had a really fun time - and the Rangers won! It was great to just get away, even if it was just for one night. This was my first night away from Cora, and I think I did surprisingly well. Maybe it's a second child thing. It was fun having my parents and my brother in town for the weekend.

One funny Kaitlyn story - another thing she learned from her Dad. Yesterday I was following her to her room and I just gave her a little tap on the bottom. She turned around and goes, "Good game Mom."