Monday, October 26, 2009


I know I am very behing on blogging. I have lots to write about and many pictures to post, but today my mind is elsewhere.

My Papa (Dad's dad) passed away this morning. We all knew that he was nearing the end, but it doesn't make it any less sad. I think that mostly I am sad for my Dad. It's hard watching a parent lose a parent.

But I am mourning my Papa. I have SO many memories of him. He lived out in "the country" in Granbury with a little bit of land. I think I often took for granted when I was little how fun it was going to visit. There wasn't any other kids to play with out there, and he wasn't the type of Grandfather that would run around and play with you or get on the floor and play games. But he made my brother and I laugh SO much. He sometimes, okay many times, used language in front of us that I'm sure made my parents cringe. But Neil and I laughed so hard, it just fueled the fire. He let us ride on the riding lawn mower with him when we were little and by ourselves when we grew up a little bit. They used to have lots of chickens and even a turkey that we would chase around the yard. He would come visit us in Lubbock with the biggest Cousin Eddy motor home you have ever seen. It was awesome. He loved hearing about our school and the things we were involved in. He loved getting into deep conversations with my parents about religion, and I'm sure if I wouldn't have rolled my eyes and walked away, I would have learned a thing or two.

Here are just SOME of the things I loved and want to remember about my Papa:

* He always called Cora "legs." I have no idea why...she doesn't have really long ones, but maybe he liked how fat they were.

* He always preferred to drink a big glass of milk with every meal.

* He always wore a hat. My favorite were the cowboys hats he wore.

* He was in the Navy, was a firefighter, and worked many years on the railroad. I wish I knew more stories from each of these. I know that he was very hard working and dedicated.

* He had a great laugh that was contagious.

* I love that when I looked into his eyes I could also see my dad and my brother.

* He loved being around family. He lived the last few years of his life in an assisted living facility, and he was always so excited to have visitors.

* He got cold easily.

* He would talk to you forever. He loved telling stories.

* His little bird legs were the cutest thing ever.

* I loved watching Kaitlyn get to know him. I hope she will hold memories of him with her.

I know there are many more stories, and things that he said. Hopefully after being with family this upcoming week I will remember many more and be able to record them. Love you, Papa.