Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She LITERALLY lost her tooth.

So, Kaitlyn lost her first tooth today! It has been loose for quite awhile. By rest time today she could literally twist it around. SO, I offered to pull it out for her. I didn't think she would go for it, but she did. With one or two wiggles it was out! She was so excited, she just yelled "CONGRATULATIONS!" Haha. She found a special container that she wanted to keep it in. (I think it previously held play-do) This afternoon, she just HAD to go show her friend Kelly next door. I specifically told her to be extra careful with it, don't drop it, don't let anyone hold it, etc. Well (shocker) the tooth didn't make it home with her. I kind of made a big deal out of her losing it... she felt horrible. She cried and cried all through her bath. I finally decided that if she wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter apologizing for losing it, maybe she would still leave her money under her pillow. She quickly dried it up and said, "That would be awesome." So, here is her letter that she wrote, exactly how she wrote it:

I aiym so-so-so-so sory that I lost mi tooth.



You know you're from texas when you spell "am" "aiym."

P.S. Sorry I don't have a picture of it. Cora broke our camera last week.

Monday, May 19, 2008

This post took me 2 hours, so see ya next year when I decide to post again...

It's been too, too long. I even had to get James to help me remember things that have happened since the last time I posted. So, here is a basic rundown of the things that have gone on around the Mayo home....

James ran his first 5K!! He ran the whole thing and did a great job. Kaitlyn even ran the last few yards with him, and they crossed the finish line holding hands. It was pretty darn cute.

James also successfully hosted the 2008 Spotlight on Teachers. Teachers in Abilene (at all educational levels) are recognized by fellow teachers as being the best in their field. James organized a fun evening handing out awards, showing an entertaining video, and showing off his master "emcee" (or M.C. or however that word is spelled) skills. He made a lot of people laugh and did a great job. He is looking forward to hosting again next year.

Claire is 4 months old! W.O.W. She is CONSIDERABLY smaller than my other two girls. Let me rephrase that. She is equally as long (26 inches to be exact), but not as fat. She is 3 pounds less than Cora and Kaitlyn were at 4 months. However, she is still 16 pounds, and still in the 90th percentile. She is rolling over, smiling a lot more, blowing lots of spit bubbles, reaching for things, kicking the tar out of her kick and play bouncer, spitting up WAY too much,and she is not a fan of the Bumbo (which makes me sad). Her eyes are still blue and her hair still looks kind of red! She loves her sisters, but let's be honest... Cora kind of freaks her out. Her face has been sat on a few times. And Cora is 33 pounds of l.o.v.e.

We enjoyed a nice weekend in Lubbock for Mothers Day. I love spending weekends there. It's so relaxing. It used to be much more relaxing pre-kids, but it is so fun to see the girls playing in the backyard that I grew up in. We visited the Science museum with Kaitlyn, my Mom and I got pedicures and manicures, James and I got to go on a date - we went out to eat and saw "What Happens in Vegas" with the Bowmans (holla!) Very funny movie, we thought. It was a great weekend! For Mothers Day from the girls and James, I got a fun pair of running shorts, a watch and and Old Navy gift card. Thank you! It was a great weekend.

Kaitlyn and Cora finished up Young Children's World for the year. I actually cried when I picked them both up on their last day. What is wrong with me?! Kaitlyn had her end of the year program and she did GREAT! She even had a few lines that she said all by herself. She was front and center on stage and proud of it. That girl is full of drama I tell you. I don't have any pictures from that night - just lots of video... but I can't get that to post. Erica if you have those pics would you email them to me? :) However, I do have a picture from 50's day. I can't figure out how to rotate this picture, but it's worth it to turn your computer (or your head) around to see this. This picture completely sums up Kaitlyn. There are no words.

Cora is talking more and more all the time. Her most recent words that she has learned: keys, go, goin', shoes, juice (these sound very similar), sissy, baby, bible, bow, hi and bye (pronounced hi-eee/byeeee), night-night, and Shhh (she says this basically anytime she goes into her room b/c she thinks Claire is always asleep in there). I think she is cutting her fang teeth and she is NOT happy about it. I seriously thought something horrible had taken over her body this afternoon. All I could do was put her in her crib until she wore herself out. Bless her little heart. And what's the deal with blue eyes? Most of the time I can look into Kaitlyn's brown eyes and stay strong, but if Cora wants something, all she has to do is just look up at me and it's hers. Bad Mommy.

BIG NEWS!!! I have not bit my nails in 16 days!!!! I've even had 2 manicures to keep me on the right track. Maybe I have broke the habit for good. I can't even imagine. This has been a lifelong struggle people.

Also. Has anyone tried the new Orbitz Limited Edition Pomegranate gum? It's fabulous. Hurry and try it before it's gone!

I love ACU baseball games and I am very sad that they are over. It was so much fun to walk across the street and hang out with friends and watch a free game! Kaitlyn loves the freedom she has there, and Cora likes to just sit and actually watch the game. This is very exciting for James. Kaitlyn has also learned to successfully eat and spit sunflower seeds. That Kaitlyn. She makes us so proud.

And FINALLY...the girls and I had some fun pictures taken on Sunday. I just have to put a plug in here. My good friend Hannah Vickers (you can check her out on my links over there) is a photographer here in town. She is great! She had twins the same week that Claire was born. She has been doing photography for awhile, but is just now taking it on full time. If you are in the area and need some pictures - she's the one to call! Here are a few of my favorites. Keep in mind that Cora was not a happy girl. I don't think she was feeling too well. And she did have a matching bow, but refused to wear it. But I love these!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Just a picture update...

Come to the water, refresh your soul
Jesus is able to make your life whole
Come drink your fill of Him
Water that lives
Into your weariness
New strength He gives

These are the words to one of Kaitlyn's songs in her program coming up next week. I LOVE listening to her sing this. It seriously brings tears to my eyes! I have been so impressed by her teachers and the hard work they have put in. She has learned so much - I am just so proud of her.

Here are a few pictures of the past couple of weeks.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Road Trip!

I remember when I was growing up, my mom would take me to do special things - with just me, not my brother. I really want to be good about doing this with my girls. (As they get old enough to remember it). So, Tuesday when James got off work, Kaitlyn and I hit the road. My cousin Abby was trying out for cheerleader in Midland, so I thought it would be fun to go down a day early, stay in a hotel and just have fun - Kaitlyn style. This particular style included:

* Jamming out to Hannah Montana the entire 2 hours there and back.
* Choosing to eat at McAlisters for dinner. (I may have had a slight influence on this)
* Swimming in the hotel pool until 10:15 pm and then again the next morning.
* Getting to eat chocolate chip cookies and milk in bed before going to sleep.
* Not sleeping at all during the night. Seriously. Every time I woke up the girl was moving around. She was up for good at about 6:15.
* Practicing cheers with Abby before try outs started.
* Lunch at Rosas.
* Going to see "Horton Hears a Who." This was a way cute movie!
* Getting the best shaved ice ever at Bahama Bucks.
Our conversation in the drive thru:
Me: "Kaitlyn, what flavor do you want?:
K: "What kinds do they have?"
M: "They have so many! They will probably have any flavor you want. You just name one and they will probably have it."

long pause.....
K: "Cornbread."

* Crashing in the car on the way home. She was SO tired.
Here are some pics...not in order.

I loved this time with her. She is growing up so fast, but she is still just a little girl. I had a sentimental "moment" the other day. I had taken her to get hot chocolate at Starbucks. I just look over and see her holding her cup with both hands, and I noticed that she still has little dimples where her knuckles will be. I totally started bawling. Poor girl thinks there is something wrong with her hands now. I had to explain that one.