Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kelly Clarkson or die!!!

I just bid on Kelly Clarkson concert tickets on Ebay. Am I cool or what. I have no idea how I could even go to the concert. It's in Lubbock on a Wednesday night. Hmmm.... I'm sure I'll get out bid. But the tickets are floor seats, 2nd row!! I don't even know who will go with me! Dang. Two days, 5 hours and counting.....

Kaitlyn's new boyfriend

So... I go to pick Kaitlyn up from Rainbow School yesterday. I asked her, "How was your day Kaitlyn?" She replied " Umm... not too bad." Not too bad? Hilarious. So then I asked her what she did at school. She said, " I kissed Canyon." (A boy in her class.) Nice. "Really?" "Yeah, Mommy." She is learning a lot at Rainbow Bible School.
We went to dinner at Mr. Gatti's so she could run around and ride some kiddie rides. We have decided to not go to church on Wednesday nights for awhile. I am having a hard time being away from her from 8:00 to 5:00 every day, and I don't want to pick her up just to take her to another class for an hour and a half. So we ususally just have family time on Wed. nights.
James and I watched The Aviator last night. Actually, he did... I fell asleep. That has to be the most boring movie I have ever seen. Sorry, to those of you that enjoyed it.
Our friends Skot and Elise Gordon are coming in town for a visit this weekend! We are so excited to see them. Can't believe Julia is 6 months old!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Here are some pictures from Kaitlyn's second birthday party. She loved her cake....making quite the mess! The party was planned at the last minute. I had no idea what/if to do a theme or not. So I just took Kaitlyn down the party aisle at Target to see what caught her eye. As soon as she spotted Elmo she started throwing all sorts of stuff in the basket. After putting back 7 Happy Birthday banners and four packages of Elmo bouncy balls, we had just what we needed for a Elmo/Sesame Street birthday party. (By the way, she just now let us take the Happy Birthday banner down). We had a house full of family that came to celebrate. It is so hard to believe that it has already been two years. It's difficult to remember what life was like before Kaitlyn! There is so much more laughter and silliness going on! She is such a joy in our lives.

I just learned how to post a picture!!!! Yes! I'm so cool! I probably won't remember how to do it again, but oh well. This picture was taken quite a few months ago, but it doesn't lose it's cuteness!

Here we are!

Well, I gave in and created a blog for our family. Everyone else is doing it, so why not? I am NOT computer savy at all, so I'm sure this will be pretty boring to look at. Someday I will learn how to post pictures and what not. However, if/when James gets a hold of it, it will be all tripped out I'm sure.
An update on us: We moved to Abilene about a month and a half ago. James took a sales position at Sysco food distributing company. He is really enjoying it so far. He will have a pretty flexible schedule..having most Fridays off. Kaitlyn will love that being her "daddy day."
I took at job in Admissions at ACU. I LOVE it. I work with a bunch of fun people that I went to school with. Our house is within walking distance from ACU and from Rainbow Bible School where Kaitlyn spends her days. We were here 3 weeks before we had to put any gas in our car! BIG change from Dallas.
Kaitlyn has done really well during this transition. She is starting to enjoy Rainbow school a lot more now. Her first couple of days were pretty rough. She is developing quite the personality! She keeps us laughing. We had her second birthday party two weeks ago. All of our family came down to see her... she had a real fun time. We got a slip and slide for her and her cousins to play on. I just knew we would end up in the emergency room, but she did good! She loved it.
One of my favorite things about Abilene is our church. We have been attending Highland and absolutely love it. Mike Cope is one of the greatest preachers I have ever heard. We are starting to get involved in our class... meeting lots of new, fun people. The girls in our class get together every Thursday night for a bible study/fellowship time. I think I will really enjoy that break in the week.
So, that is a quick update. I will try to post least something interesting! I think I will ask James how to post pictures...mostly to show Kaitlyn off!