Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kaitlyn's Program

I totally forgot to blog about this last week. Kaitlyn had her end of the year program at school. It was a Zoo theme. They painted their own T-shirts to wear - they looked really cute! It was really hard to hear the words to their little songs - but my shy daughters voice could be heard quite a bit. She wasn't intimidated at all.

The pictures are absolutely hilarious.

This was probably one of those times where we could actually hear Kaitlyn's voice. She's leaning forward in order to project her voice. Molly - you would be proud. :)

I love this picture because they are all doing something different. It's hilarious to look at each one of them. 2 year olds are funny.

They are all pretty much doing the same thing here. Way to go kids!

This shows Kaitlyn probably smacking someone for pulling her hair.

This is my most precious Mom and Dad! Pappy is pretty much back to his old self since the wreck. Everytime I look at him I'm thankful.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shiny People

So, this won't be as funny in words as it is to hear Kaitlyn say it. When I got home from work she said, "Mom. I need to teach you something right now." Then she made me stand right across from her - so we are not very far a part from each other and facing each other. She proceeds with this little "song." It's like one of those things where you slap hands with your friend. The one I knew growing up was "Cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow...." You may remember. This is how Kaitlyn's went:

Shiny people are so funny
This is the way they count their money
Oooh Sha, Ooh Sha
Turn around and Boo-sha. (While turning around to bump bottoms with your friend)

I laughed so hard.

Have any of you teachers heard this little song? What does it mean?

I just thought it was too funny to not record somewhere.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Happenings...

Since I haven't been good at giving consistent updates, here are just a few things we have been up to lately:

James and I got to go on a date last Monday (Thanks Erica!). We went to see David Copperfield. We were, sad to say, less than impressed. I was so excited about this! I used to love watching him on TV, and my parents had raved about a show of his that they had seen. There were only 2 things that he did that I was amazed by. But the worst part about it was the content of the show! There were TONS of children/young families in the audience (which I was a bit surprised by, but whatever). He had a sexual, crude comment for everything it seemed like - and his language was less than appropriate for an audience largely populated with children. I felt so uncomfortable, embarrassed - and glad we didn't have Kaitlyn with us! However, we did enjoy the night out and an awesome dinner at Abuelos afterwards.

School's out for the summer! ACU students finished up last week. Campus is so quiet - which means no more speedy drivers down our street, not as much traffic in the lunch hour, and much quieter - longer work days. I miss all of the student workers up here though! They make me laugh so much.

TV - I'm sad that it's May and all the good shows are about to be over. I'm holding out that the Mavs will pull out a win tonight, so that I can have another series to look forward to.

I read a book! In only 3 days! It's called Something Borrowed and it's totally scandalous. But it came recommended by a good friend, so I thought I would try it out. It was so fun to slip away into another life for awhile. After talking with Sara, the friend who recommended it, we agreed that we live such sheltered lives - it's interesting to get a glimpse into a lifestyle that we are not accustomed too. And then we can just pray for the people that really live their lives like that! :)
But, it's a fun summer read if you're interested!

This weekend Kaitlyn and I went to San Angelo for my brother's best friends wedding. It was an outside wedding - and one of the prettiest I've been too. It was very pink - but so nice. We enjoyed checking in early and checking out late of our hotel. It was so hot and we spent lots of time by the pool. We got Kaitlyn some floaties and some goggles (or gobbles as she calls them). She LOVED swimming. At first she didn't trust the arm floaties too much, but she got used to them pretty fast. Before too long, my dad was throwing her into the pool and she was swimming to the side by herself! She loved it - and I'm so mad because she is going to tan her whole life while her fair skinned mama burns like crazy. She is getting a few freckles on her face. I am NOT a fan of my freckles, but hers are the cutest things I have ever seen.

James has taught Kaitlyn to "Shake what your Mama gave you." He will whisper this in her ear, and then she proceeds to do this hilarious dance that can not be put into words. But she kind of does her arms like you would do in the chicken dance, while shaking her bottom all around, while squatting down and standing up.... Hilarious. Even more hilarious when she does it in her floaties and gobbles.

So - that's a quick update. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kaitlyn's 3 year pictures

I have not been a very good blogger lately. Lots has gone on, I just haven't had the words to say or time to say it. So, until I get out of this funk, I will share a few of Kaitlyn's most recent pictures with you.

Gotta love JC Penny!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


It's Sunday night at 10.30. We just finished watching Grey's Anatomy. I am freaking out!!! What is going to happen? Any predictions from anyone? Tomorrow night at 8:00 can't come fast enough for me!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I just went to our vending machine to get some mints out. Random that I just wanted some mints. Anyway, the second I put one in my mouth, my mind flashed back to sitting in church with my Grandmother. She would always have these same mints in her purse, and everytime we would go visit her - during church she would give us one.

My grandmama called me this morning just out of the blue to see how I was doing - just said that I had been on her heart lately. I didn't make it to the phone in time to talk to her, but I listened to the message like 3 times.

Grandmothers, especially mine, are just special people. Here are some of my favorite things/memories about Grandmama:

1. As well as getting a mint from her every Sunday, I was obsessed with her fingernails for some reason. She always had long, painted, shiny fingernails. I remember just holding her hands and rubbing her nails during the sermon.

2. Listening to her sing, and appreciating her love for music. I think she has a wonderful voice. She could always hit the high notes! I still listen to music and often times think - "she would love this song."

3. Every house that she has lived in (I can remember 3) has had a distinct smell. This is not a bad thing. They all smelled like home. Like home cooked food.

4. She always goes all out for Christmas. She has 12 grandkids, and one great-grandchild, and she makes all of us feel special at Christmas. Every year we say we are just going to draw names. Not her. She does not participate. She always thinks of the perfect presents. (Not that that is what Christmas is all about though)

5. She drives a PT Cruiser. Anyone else have a grandmother that drives a PT Cruiser?

6. She is a nanny. As if she hasn't raised enough kids and grandkids - she goes and helps raise other people's kids. And she's GREAT at it. She has blessed so many families. They are all lucky to have her in their lives.

7. She has had her fair share of rough times - but has persevered through it all. She has come out of it a stronger, more faithful person. All throughout her life she has taught me how to be a better person.

8. I love her handwriting. It's just hers. In college she would send me $10 ore $20 here and there, and whenever I saw her handwriting on the envelope I would get so excited! Not just because I knew I was getting some extra cash, but because I knew she was thinking of me. She still sends us cards all the time - every SINGLE holiday and then some others here and there. I rarely throw them away.

9. She's beautiful. I've always thought this about her. She's very young and very pretty. Everyone of her friends and family members know it. My mom and all of her sisters are gorgeous too. Hopefully the "looking young" forever look will stick around for my generation!

10. She's a story teller. She loves telling a good story - good or bad! Anytime you're around her she'll tell you a story about something. I love this about her because it shows how much she cares for others. Some would say - she knows all the gossip, but she is just so deeply enmeshed in so many of her friends lives - she just wants to share their stories!

I know there are a ton more of my favorite things about her. I just wanted to remember a few of them here.

Love you Grandmama!

With me as a baby:

Go ahead and make your comments about my outfit!

Just a few of the cousins:

With Kaitlyn - the first time she got to see her:


Monday, May 08, 2006

Rain, rain, go away!!

On our way to Lubbock this weekend, Kaitlyn and I encountered the worst storm ever. I don't know if it really was the worst storm I have been in, but when you are in your car in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE - it's kind of scary!! I could tell it was about to get bad. The sky just went green, then pitch black. The wind was SO bad ( I later heard like 70 mph), and the rain was heavy. I could not even control my car. So, I pulled over to the shoulder to "wait it out." Really I was just going to wait until the car in front of me decided it was okay to go - then I followed him. While we were pulled over, I really thought my car was going to flip over. I swear I felt the wheels lift up. I crawled in the back seat with Kaitlyn and watched Cinderella for a few minutes! Kaitlyn could tell I was a little scared, so I just said - lets say a prayer for God to keep us safe in the storm. So I said a prayer and then Kaitlyn said, "And Dear God, don't let the tornado get us like Dorothy." So funny that girl!

We finally made it out - safely! I'm not one to get scared of weather, I mean - I grew up in Texas. But it's so different when you are in your car, no radio, cell phone doesn't work that great, James wasn't there.... everything was magnified!

The rest of our weekend was good. I didn't feel too good on Saturday, so it was nice to let my parents handle Kaitlyn for awhile while I laid on the couch until 1:00 in the afternoon! Thanks Mom!

We got to go to a birthday party on Sunday out at this awesome ranch a few miles outside of Lubbock. (I'll post pictures when my dad sends me some - still w/o a camera) Kaitlyn LOVED riding on a big horse, petting the goats, going on a hay ride, and getting to hold a baby bunny and a baby chick. It was a really neat place for a birthday party and a great way to end our weekend!

Kaitlyn and I then came home to a clean house courtesy of James, and that's ALWAYS a good feeling.

Now it's Monday - again. They just come around too fast. I'm ready to go home and watch Grey's Anatomy from last night and catch up on my Oprah's and Ellen's.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just one of the reasons I love my job....

I work with the most awesome girls ever. They are so encouraging, uplifting, prayerful, funny, beautiful women of God. I am so blessed to work with them every single day. They make having to be away from Kaitlyn all day a little bit easier.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Another weekend comes and goes...

I am missing my camera. Ours broke the weekend before Easter. We need to get another one fast!!

Friday: Watched the finale of Cheerleader Nation. That's right. Go Dunbar! They won Nationals, and Megan hit her full. I'm so proud of those girls.

James went to Dallas for the night to see some college buddies that were in town. Kaitlyn and I just hung out and enjoyed the nice thunderstorm that we had. This was the first time she has been afraid of thunder - but I did my best to explain to her what it was, gave her a flashlight to hold, and she was fine!

Saturday: Kaitlyn woke me up at about 6:45 saying she wanted McDonald's for breakfast. So, we got in the car in our pajamas and hit the drive thru. She loves eggs and sausage. We snuggled on the couch and watched Sat. morning cartoons. Well, she did. I fell back asleep for a little while. After a while we played in her room with her dollhouse, played her fishing game, played dress up, played basketball, did some puzzles, and worked in her sticker book. I LOVE the weekends when I can spend so much time with her.

James came home Saturday afternoon and took her to the zoo - it was "free day." The monkeys and the giraffes are her favorite.

Watched the Mavericks win Game 3. Why is Dirk not MVP? He is amazing. I love the Mavs.

We just hung out the rest of the evening. It was a plain, jane, stay at home day. My favorite.

Sunday: Church and then to the park for a picnic with some friends. It was beautiful weather outside yesterday. The kids enjoyed playing out there. We stayed for like 2 hours. We all got a little sunburned!

I finished painting my kitchen table. Mom and I started this last weekend, and I am just now getting around to finishing it. It's looking okay - I'm trying to distress it. We'll see how it turns out. I need Meredith Moore to come help me with my project!!!

We met with our small group last night for the first time in over a month. We've all been busy traveling it seems like. It was good to be back together and catch up with each other.

And here it is Monday again.

Monday's are hard. I'm not gonna lie. Try to make it a good one!