Friday, June 29, 2007


Well, we just got back from a WONDERFUL vacation to South Padre. I have the greatest parents ever for taking the four of us, my brother and his girlfriend on an all expense paid trip. Besides the 10-11 hour car trip (which wasn't too bad) we had an awesome time. Here are a few of the highlights and some pictures to follow:

* This was Kaitlyn's first time to see the ocean and she LOVED it. She literally ran right in with her clothes on the minute we got there. She loved being able to play in the sand, get all muddy and just run in the water. She enjoyed looking for shells, crabs, and any other creatures that were scurrying around.

* My Dad, brother and James got to go deep sea fishing. They got up super early on Sunday morning and enjoyed 4-5 hours out on the ocean. They came home with lots of trout for us to cook on Sunday night. I'm not a fish lover, but it was pretty good!

* We went on a dolphin watching cruise one day. We actually saw quite a few dolphins! They also threw a net out behind the boat and pulled it for about 15 minutes to see what kinds of fish they could catch. They pulled up a starfish, a sea horse, a few crabs, and lots of different fish. Kaitlyn loved being able to see and touch anything that she could.

* Dad and I played sand volleyball with my brother and Brittany. I was so sore the next day. Seriously?

* This was Cora's first time to swim and she loved it. It didn't take her long to figure out how to splash herself in the face. It was hilarious the first time she splashed herself with salt water.

* There was a little "amusement park" really close to our condo. Kaitlyn got all strapped into a harness and had someone bounce her VERY high on a trampoline. This was fun to watch and she loved it. We also got to see my brother go bungee jumping!! I couldn't believe he actually did it, but if I wasn't pregnant I would have been right behind him.

* Two mornings that we were there the Sea Turtle Patrol were letting tiny baby sea turtles go into the ocean. This was very neat to watch. These babies were only about 3 or 4 inches long. (They look bigger in the pictures) But it was so fun to watch them make their way into the water and figure out how to swim out to sea.

* We made sand castles, fed the sea gulls, played frisbee on the beach, had a cookout, went out to a nice dinner, played lots of Uno, and just enjoyed spending time all together as a family.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another year comes and goes....

Cora's post will have to wait until tomorrow....

Today is Kaitlyn's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you so much! We are having her bday party in a few days, but today we celebrated with blueberry muffins with candles in them, a few gifts this morning, and lunch at Fuji's. We told her she could pick any place to go eat and that's where she picked. She loves to watch the cook prepare the food right in front of you. He even did a couple of extra tricks just for her today.

I have no pictures because we left our camera in Dallas last weekend, but hopefully there will be more to come.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My biggest girl...

First of all - thanks for all of the comments! All 32 of them. I don't think I've ever had that many. I do appreciate all of you so much and all of the encouragement!

I was sitting at work tonight - not really working. It's so hard to keep my mind from wandering these days about the future. But today I have just been thinking so much about my first baby. Sweet Kaitlyn. Man. This girl is one true treasure. She makes me laugh, FILLS my heart with so much joy that I can shed tears just thinking about her, yet - she can make me want to pull my hair out. She is nothing short of a gift from God. So, here is some of what she is into these days:

* She is currently in her second week of swim lessons. Someone please instill just a SLIGHT fear in her! This girl makes me so nervous sometimes. She has done great and is learning so much. She can hold her head under water for over 10 seconds and swim to her teacher from the wall. She has done great, but she will be strapped to her floaties and/or her life jacket at all times when we go to the beach next week. The girl is fearless.

* She says the sweetest prayers at night. One of my favorite things is the way she uses the word "praise." She will say it like, "God I just praise (pray) that you be with Papaw and help him feel better soon." Or, "In Jesus Name I praise, Amen." Most of the time though, instead of saying Amen she says Goodnight. I want to record one of her prayers sometime soon. They are just precious.

* She is just getting so tall and skinny, with cute little freckles across her nose and cheeks. She has one special freckle that is right in between her pinkie and her ring finger. So random. But she knows it's special to me, and I kiss it every night when I tuck her in.

* She refuses to have covers at night, but anytime during the day when she is hanging out on the couch, she has to be completely covered with a blanket.

* She asks SO many questions during the day, that I often find myself frustrated and annoyed. But she is just soaking up so much and learning new things everyday. I have to remind myself that she is at such an impressionable stage and I can either chose to ignore her questions, or use that time to work on my patience and teach her something new. I'm really working on it.

* She loves to have thumb wars. She wins every time, but she cheats and uses both hands. I'm sure her Daddy taught her that because that's the only way he can beat me.

* She can't stand lip gloss. On herself or anyone else for that matter. She just gets a really grossed out look on her face when she notices that I have any on. She also can't stand it when anyone kisses on the lips. If she happens to see James and I do this, she will literally sit down and start crying real tears. I don't know what to do about that one.

* She loves to talk on the phone. She is really into leaving messages on people's voice mail. She knows that if she pushes the green button twice on my cell phone it will call someone. She does this ALL THE TIME. So, if you have just talked to me, you can expect a random call from Kaitlyn. It's fine if you don't answer. You'll have a pretty funny voice mail to listen to.

* She loves Hannah Montana, High School Musical and the Backyardigans. She also recognizes Sports Center and will usually humor James by sitting and watching it with him for awhile - before kindly asking him to turn it to "her shows."

* She has a husband named Chad that she married in Tennessee and has to email daily.

* She has the best facial expressions. I love when she is excited about something, or is really concerned. She is always full of drama.

* She loves to talk about Heaven. When we will go there, how we will get there, who will be there...

* She sings a lot. She knows how to pull up iTunes on our computer. She is also really good at making up songs on the spot. She also loves to carry on a conversation - singing all of the words.

* She enjoys computer games. and are two of her favorites. She is also obsessed with Spanish. She seems to want to learn it soooo bad.

* She likes going on walks around the ACU jogging trail. Her highlights of these walks are petting other people's dogs and stepping on as many bugs as she can possibly find.

* I absolutely LOVE watching her play with Cora. She loves her so much. She always sings to her, holds her hand in the car, prays for her. She is the first person she wants to see in the morning and the last person she wants to kiss goodnight. Cora's face just lights up anytime Kaitlyn is around. She smiles at her constantly.

Okay - I could seriously go on and on. If you want to be entertained, just stop by the Mayo house anytime. There is always a show going on.

Next post will be all about my beautiful Cora James. Stay tuned......

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mayo, Party of Five???????

I'm pretty sure Cora's face says it all.
I've known for about 3 1/2 weeks and I'm still waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me it it has all been a dream.
These babies will be 13 months apart if I make it the full 40 weeks.
If you are trying the NuvaRing as a form of birth control you might want to reconsider.
We told Kaitlyn the other night and her face just turned really serious and she said, "Well, where's THAT kid gonna sleep?" I. have. no. idea.
When you pick your jaw up off the floor if you wouldn't mind sending a prayer up for us, that would be great!